1. The vechicle will be auctioned as it is, therefore please carefully examine the unit you desired. Do not hesitate to ask our customer service about the vehicle condition and equipments.
  2. Bidwin take no responsibility, if there is a malfunction or defect claimed subsequent to the auction, regardles the defects are visible or not.
  3. To facilitate the auction participants, we provide stock unit list that contains information about the auctioned vehicles. The list can be used as a guide in choosing the unit. If there is a discrepancy between the stock list and the unit displayed in auction screen, then the physical specifications at the end of the auction will be used as a reference.

For one lot bidding : Rp. 5,000,000 (five million rupiah)

For unlimited lot bidding : IDR 25.000.000,- (twenty five million rupiah)

  1. The auction participants are advised to physically check the vehicle units that will be auctioned.
  2. The auction participants may inspect the physical condition and the documents referred to auction object, but any attempts to disassembley any part of vehicles are strictly prohibited.
  3. The auction participants are required to pay a deposit of:
  4. Deposit can be paid in cash in BidWin registration counter or transfer to PT Adi Sarana Lelang,account no. 0353190099, BCA Branch Sudirman Jakarta. Transfer must be done prior to the auction
  6. The auction participants who already paid the deposit must submit the original deposit slip and copy of ID card or any other identification card to obtain a Bidder Identification Number (NIPL) at the registration counter PT Adi Sarana Lelang.


  1. Penawaran lelang dilakukan secara lisan naik-naik oleh Pejabat Lelang, yang akan dibantu oleh Pemandu Lelang.
  2. Harga penawaran yang telah mencapai harga tertinggi akan ditetapkan sebagai pemenang lelang dengan ditandai ketukan palu oleh Pemandu Lelang.


  1. Bidding session will be guided verbally by auctioneer and will be monitored by Auction's officials.
  2. The auction's participants start may raise their paddle at bidding until there is only one bidder remained.
  3. The auctioneer will then bring down the gavel and signaling that one of the auction's participant won the auction.


  1. Winner should make their payment within three days after the auction. Payment can be made through transfer to PT Adi Sarana Lelang bank account No. 0353190099, BCA Branch Sudirman Jakarta.
  2. Winner with unlimited lot deposit should make payment for all the vehicles that they won. Winner will be considered withdrawn if they failed to make this payment and Bidwin are not liable to refund the deposits.
  3. The auction winner will be charged an administrative fee of IDR 1.250.000 (one million and two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) per unit at the time of unit and document retrieval.


  1. Bidders who do not win the auction may take the deposit in register counter after the auction is finished by bringing their Bidder Identification Number (NIPL) and a copy of deposit slip that have been certified by PT Adi Sarana Lelang staff.
  2. Deposit will be returned without any charge by cash or transfer through PT Adi Sarana Lelang bank account.


  1. Vehicles will only be released to auction winner once the payment has cleared. Payment must be settled no later than 3 working days after the auction
  2. Expenses incurred due to transfer of ownerships to the winner of auction became the responsibility of the auction winner.
  3. Expenses incurred in relation to vehicle withdrawal also bear to auction winner.
  4. If vehicles are not collected until a certain time then PT Adi Sarana Lelang take no responsibiliy for any damages or lost and buyer will be charged Rp 15.000 / day.