• Bring your vehicle as well as the documentation to the nearest BidWin Auction site.
    • If you have any questions please use our live chat feature or call us at
      0888 1058 999

    Getting the vehicle to us

    • Bring a copy of your ID Card & first page of the bank passbook.
    • Fill the seller form. Our friendly team will be on hand to offer any help if you need it, making sure that each section is completed.

    Fill the Seller Registration Form

    • Set your desired price. BidWin will give recommendation regarding the bid price based on vehicle condition & fair market value. But ultimately, the decision is yours.
    • Registration fees must be paid prior to sale to reserve your spot in the auction.
    • Fee details:
      • Vehicle category / Registration Fee:
      • Two-wheeled vehicle : Rp 100.000,-
      • Four wheeled vehicle : Rp 200.000,-
      • Six, eight, or more wheels vehicle : Rp 400.000,-

    Establish a Sale Price

    • BidWin will conduct an open auction.
    • Auctioneer will offer opening price (minimum) to bidders and will guide price increases. Prices will go up by a multiple of Rp 100.000,- for two-wheeled vehicle and Rp 500.000,- for four or more-wheeled vehicle.
    • The bidder with the highest valuation wins the auction.

    Auction Process

    • •There is a consignment fee of 2.5% of the high bid payment received will be charged on each units.
    • Payment settlement to seller shall take place within 6 days after the auction date. 
    • Bidwin will refund 50 % of administrative fee along with the unit if the payment has not been made by auction winner within five (5 ) business days after the auction (default) .
    • If the unit on consignment receives no bids, must be picked up promptly, maximum 3 days after the auction date. 
    • If the vehicles are not sold, BidWin will do the follow up and determine whether the vehicle is withdrawn from auction list or relisted in the next auction.

    Payment to Seller